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Q1Q1: The overall plan of the KIC and its each function by which several respectively consultant company design?
By a conducive intellectual KIC SOM. (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP) in overall planning and design, including a conducive intellectual KIC square, jiangwan sports center, a conducive intellectual fang and science.
·         A conducive intellectual KIC square design by SOM
Jiangwan sports center by Tongji and British Atkins company common planning and design  

·         A conducive intellectual fang of built four plot by the P&T respectively (Palmer and Turner Consultants Ltd.) (plot 8-5); The French Charpentier (Charpentier Architecture Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) (plot 6-5); British Atkins (Atkins Consultants Ltd. Shanghai Branch) (plot 8-3); Terry Farrell Terry Farrell & Partners (plot 6-6) design. 
Q2A conducive intellectual KIC what traffic facilities and near the rail transit line completion time?
Middle and rail transit line 3 (pearl line), rail transit line 8, rail transit line no. 10 have already been put into use, rail transit line no. 17 and 18 belongs to the forward planning routes.
Q3Shanghai what is similar to the KIC science and technology park in the business successfully?
Zhangjiang high tech zone, pudong software park, caohejing hi-tech development zone oasis, science and technology and the minhang export processing zone zizhu science park.
Q4A conducive intellectual KIC known as "business community to the name", what is the business community?
"A conducive intellectual KIC" launched a new concept, namely the full use of the yangpu district have many big science, scientific research institution and the advantages of the university campus, community, make enterprise park linkage development, universities, research institutions, and multinational company research and development center, science and technology company, enterprise, small company, risk investment fund, science and technology incubation and modern service industry in the form of the knowledge economy here "industrial chain," hatch the new thought, the original high-tech conceived. Shape like some said, this region as a "a conducive intellectual factory". In addition, in addition to providing a conducive intellectual KIC square all kinds of business opportunities, will also construction first-class facilities, innovation, learning to the garden, meeting center, is all kinds of knowledge workers work, life and study, to share knowledge, communication and cooperation.
Q5KIC in a conducive intellectual to the entrepreneurs have any help?
First of all, a conducive intellectual KIC form career "chain"
A conducive intellectual KIC is like a giant technology "spider", and constantly weave the knowledge economy "chain", the multinational company research and development center main make research and development, software to send surrounded by many medium science and technology enterprise, medium-sized company and some products to overseas business small company production. University teachers and r&d center cooperation do subject; Risk investment fund is connect university, r&d center, technology companies, promoting the industrialization of scientific research achievements; Lawyers, accountants, evaluation division to provide you estimate intermediary services.Extensive network is they each other league "chain", that is, the knowledge economy "chain". In this community, entrepreneurs can share of the community public resources all, entrepreneurs seeking intellectual support also becomes easy. Second, in a conducive intellectual KIC to enjoy the district government provide many of the entrepreneurs preferential policies. The government established Shanghai yangpu district will be small and medium-sized enterprise development services center, and financial, science and technology, and venture capital investment, industry of common technology platform, university of technology transfer center, public service platform system, to reduce the cost of business innovation.Meanwhile, the district government will also establish special support fund, for science and technology enterprise purchase project evaluation, market consulting and other intermediary services. Of course, the government has also established small and medium-sized enterprise bank loan guarantee compensatory special fund to provide 500000 yuan of less than, the working capital loans, and through the intermediary agencies help entrepreneurs to work business registration and tax declaration, invoice management, etc.Finally, provide a conducive intellectual KIC work life integration space, let founder life two not mistake. A conducive intellectual KIC is a living and working in the new fusion community. KIC is to create a conducive intellectual so a comfortable and knowledge economy operation of the environment, suitable for knowledge workers living environment, where they work not only, also want to life, their work life rule and the way is not a simple work, home, work, the concept of combining together, work life, life is work.
Q6A conducive intellectual KIC what for entrepreneurs?
 Because a conducive intellectual KIC belong to the knowledge community, university gathered here, and the research and development of a multinational company in heart, some scientific research institutions, risk investment company, therefore, more suitable for university teachers, scientific research workers, students and a number of high intelligence people of business needs. According to relevant personage introduces the yangpu district, yangpu district to create knowledge innovation area, you have to drive the entrepreneurial start their own businesses, and by 2020, the of all kinds of undergraduate, and research the yangpu district graduate students and doctoral will reach more than 20 ten thousand people, therefore, such as "a conducive intellectual KIC", "the Shanghai" such gen industry community will be getting more and more, the purpose is to create a high quality venture platform.
Q7And the surrounding property new jiangwan city works, wanda compared commercial plaza, what are the characteristics of a conducive intellectual KIC?
 1.Industry is the point of view of the categories:
Three projects according to their market position determined the suits own property form, new jiangwan city works in apartment number of international living community mainly, wanda commercial plaza is a ShoppingMall, and a conducive intellectual KIC is a collection of living and investment, leisure and shopping in an integrated property.
2.From the point of view of decorate status is:
Three different property form of project, in the walk on the way of the different decorate. New jiangwan city works in sales, now is semifinished product room, if the person that buy a house decorate need whole room, need to add some current ZhuangXiuFei; A conducive intellectual to the owner of the KIC to provide is whole decorate homes, to the owner more time originality; Wanda commercial plaza is provided to the owner of the natural is semifinished product room, but the owner decorate plan need to get approval to the audit of the developers to decorate.
3.From the point of view of the business model is:
In different property form, three projects choose different development business model. As the apartment, new jiangwan city works, and a conducive intellectual KIC chose sales model, at present number one works sales have achieved great results, and a conducive intellectual though KIC are not open quotation, but according to developer revealed he has already there are a number of consumer registration; Because is the large commercial plaza, wanda and rich management experience, only rent unsold, of course, is the first choice. Sales is a recovery of investment and profit, and lease is points to take back decades slowly investment and return. Large property rent and sell, the test of the financial strength of developers and management ability.
4.From the point of view of developers is:
Investment in new jiangwan city works, pearl river investment and hopson building development in domestic joint success has not the first, is currently in the Shanghai area is five or six projects in operation. Successfully created a new world, KIC and other high-end property of chestwood Ryan group joined the yangpu district government launched a conducive intellectual KIC at home for the first time such a similar American silicon valley, and the left bank of the Paris project, reflect the innovation and development business strength.
Mention wanda group, people often think of it is to the development of commercial real estate, in fact, commercial real estate is it just four pillar industries of a. Commercial real estate is concerned, wanda real estate in the country has 19 cities construction 21 large shopping center. Shanghai wanda shopping in the size of the heart in the shopping center has is numbered, and to wanda group is concerned, this is just the first step into it in Shanghai, the future will also have more projects similar to appear.
5.From the project plan comparison:
New jiangwan city, works: planning for a 8 to 18 layer by the small high-rise and high-rise buildings of the international community of ecological. A conducive intellectual KIC: planning for a similar to the United States and the promotion of the silicon valley science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship environment, and to set up and left with Paris with the breath of "a conducive intellectual fang" to education, science and technology, culture, research and development and venture as the foundation, create a can attract, train and retain the best people knowledge community. Wanda commercial square: planning for five large commercial and 3 class a high-rise office building, for the underground layer large mall, underground 2 for large stop parking space. Square planning with 10 above different formats of main shop (area more than 10000 square meters of theme shop), and large department stores, large supermarket, digital square, etc.
New jiangwan city, works: the west side of the new campus of fudan university, north of planning in the jiangwan KIC yacht dock, large extreme sports center for the south, near wujiaochang business circle. A conducive intellectual KIC: periphery have 910 road, 8 road, 90 road and other bus lines, adjacent business wujiaochang.
Wanda commercial square: center business district near wujiaochang, weeks edge many bus lines and residential area. Property surrounding the future planning system and good and bad, and the value of the property and the acceptance of consumers or not affected. In the three "landmark", they and other pure living project competition is different, the three "landmark" one is complementary.
Wanda commercial plaza can just do the other two projects commercial projects, the owner of wanda are more likely to move into a number work, and a conducive intellectual work and the heaven and the earth, the more will be the future of wanda group important away fee.
Q8Which companies will become a conducive intellectual KIC square main tenants?
 To tenants including: multinational company, high-tech enterprise, digital multimedia company, the world famous university in China headquarters and risk investment company.
Q9How much is the rent and property management fee?
Specific rental fee and company leasing department negotiations. Office building property management fee about 21 yuan/square metre/month, retail property management fee of about 40 yuan/square metre/month.
Q10KIC built a conducive intellectual of 4 building, is the area of the lease? One may lease office building area is?
Can lease area totaling 51292 square meters, can lease office building area of 28000 square meters.
Q11A conducive intellectual KIC square period of the second batch of project total construction area is? Plan when do I start and completion?
The second batch of KIC square a project by 5 office building component, a total construction area of 154827 square meters flat, already complete.
Q12KIC to the offices of the square successfully with the traditional office building what characteristics compared?
KIC to the offices of the square successfully provide the configuration of grade a offices, artistic building design, unique style leisure main space, romantic outdoor plaza atmosphere and high speed Internet community.
Q13A conducive intellectual KIC square parking weekly?
About 800 RMB/month in each month.
Q14Jiangwan stadium when building? The design by who? Building on what characteristic?
 In August 1935, built by the roc government, covering an area of about 200000 square meters. By DongDaYou design, creating a so-called "inherent Chinese architectural style" and the combination of modern architecture of match well of Chinese and western style.
Q15Jiangwan stadium, jiangwan stadium and swimming pool jiangwan respectively can accommodate many people?
 Jiangwan stadium can hold 25000 people, the stadium has 2144 seats jiangwan, jiangwan swimming pool can accommodate 300 people.
Q16Jiangwan sports center planning what facilities?
Planning including Shanghai sports museum, international sports training school, aquatic center, soccer field, the stadium and tennis center, rock climbing square, NBA bars, and so on.
Q17Jiangwan sports center function is?
Jiangwan stadium bottom circumferential form business belt, will become sports shops, a sports bar, outdoor, the seat of the club. Jiangwan sports center will also by means of its own resources, held international standard of sports events, concerts, carnival activities. It will be the national fitness recreation center, is also the whole day activity center successfully.
Q18A conducive intellectual fang property management fee?
Intellectual property management fee lane close to three yuan/square metre/month.
Q19: Purchase a conducive intellectual fang office area of what will enjoy preferential policies?
Purchase in office houses, and within the time specified in the real estate registration of the company has his domicile, made to housing area enjoy preferential buy, specific to the sign "Shanghai commodity house to sell $with" shall prevail;The enterprise registered in a conducive intellectual fang also enjoy the city, the area two levels of earth and heaven park successfully set specific financial support policy. For registered successfully in the science and technology enterprise and knowledge lane service enterprise, before December 31, 2007, the ac arrange special support fund, reference enterprise year over tax offer the enterprise purchase or lease office area of subsidies;Shanghai successfully KIC of the management committee of the park for enterprises to provide "one-stop" service, including: the industry and commerce business license for enterprise, enterprise code application, tax registration certificate. Assist enterprise application through the government buying services, provide the enterprise accounting agency, tax agency etc agent services; Carry out to help "the municipal hi-tech follow-up service, etc.