Live Draw Inspiration from Both Life Experiences and Bold Ideas

In KIC, when you become tired from chasing your dreams, through discovery and sharing, you’ll find subtle happiness is the truth of life and dispel the haze of life. Take the ready-to-go bicycle to wander among the greenness and flowery sea; the environmentally-friendly lifestyle ensures you an idyllic life amid the downtown area.
University Avenue
University Avenue is a vibrant part of KIC. The road offers a wide selection of gourmet cuisines from various regions including Mexico and Italy. Those coffee shops, leisure restaurants, independent book store, creative retail stores can be seen in university avenue everywhere in university avenue, which certainly inspires you daily life just as you are in left bank of Paris.
KIC Village
Expanding the concept of community beyond mere residence is another foundational tenet upon which the future of KIC is being built. With structural, colored and geometric decorative techniques, the chosen infrastructures here have been developed in unison with functional commercial facilities in an artistic manner to create a refreshing lifestyle that gently blends social environments with professional facilities.
Jiangwan Regency
The dream of “Regency” scholars is converged to build the high-end international community of Jiangwan District to enable you to lead a supreme life and experience the height of life excellence.